Thursday, 13 February 2014

9 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

Following on from our last post, we hope the valentines night went well! If your're lucky, maybe your valentines night has resulted in an impending wedding? If that's the case we have put together a list of some the ways you can make your day magical and not cost the earth....

1) Social Media and Wedding Magazine are not your Allies!

Much of the wedding stuff you will find online and in the magazines are not realistic. Its seems these people can afford £40k wedddings, I'm not sure who they're are, but they aren't people I've ever met. It's great for them if they can, but don't feel bad if your wedding cannot match these expectations. So put down the magazines, log off the internet and talk to someone who's wedding you've been to and loved. You'll have a much more realistic expectation of costs and might even be able to get some tips on where you can save cash.

2) Budget and Stick to It!

It is essential to make a budget for your wedding (and married life for that matter) and stick to it. The easiest way to make a budget and not spend obscene amounts is to place your money into the things you value the most. Then, after your favourites are covered you can cut out other stuff or minimise. If you're a couple really into music or food, invest in those things. Get great food or an amazing live act for the reception. 

3) Write an Event Plan

It might seem like there is a lot of writing suggested so far, but this is a tip definitely worth taking on board. You should write out clearly how your wedding day and the events leading up to it will unfold, in great detail. There will be many hidden costs you haven't considered, from parking to breakfasts, if you have it all written out you won't miss a thing.

4) Think Outside the Box

Your wedding doesn't have to conform to the norm. They don't all take place in the summer and everyone you've ever met for a few minutes doesn't have to be invited. The same can apply to stag and hen dos, receptions and decorations. Thinking outside the box can save lots of cash and make your wedding unique.

5) D.I.Y

If you're not into the traditional wedding it is relatively easy to think outside the box and cut costs. However, if you can't bare to ditch the wedding traditions, get creative! You (or your friends) could D.I.Y a lot of the items associated with weddings. From decorations, invitations and even get some friends to play/dj at the big day. There is so much you can do.

It is also worth considering that doing it yourself isn't always the cheapest, buy if its cheaper.

6) Don't use the "W" Word

Anything associated with the word "wedding" magically doubles in cost. From dresses to venues and more. Search for stuff without the "W" word and see how the price tumbles.

7) Honesty

Explain your budget to the vendor and a bit about yourselves. There is every chance people will knock their prices down or be more accommodating. No one will work for free, but prices are negotiable and if you're super nice you never know!

8) Get EVERYONE on board

I'm sure you have a lovely set of friends and a supportive family. They will be over the moon about your wedding, so let them help you pull it all together. From the D.I.Y decorations to the music, let everyone add their little touch. It really involves everyone in the big day and they will probably be pleased you asked.

9) Its Just ONE Day.

It is massively important and day you may have dreamed about all your life, but it is just ONE DAY, it is not worth getting into massive debt over. Keep it simple and most importantly make sure you enjoy it!

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