Thursday, 24 April 2014

7 Frugal Travel Tips

Many of us love to travel. It is often regarded as a luxury, something we do once a year if we're lucky. Travel needn't be crippling expensive, though. Over the years I have discovered many ways to save money while travelling,

1. Save On Flights

Using sites like Skyscanner can save you a whole lot of money, not to mention time, when it comes to booking flights. You'll get the most benefit from these kind of services if you are a little flexible with flight times and dates.

2. Find Bargain Accommodation

There are many fantastic deals to be had on sites like, Trivago and Trip Advisor. Whether you're looking to get a discounted rate on a four or five star hotel, or need help finding the cheapest options possible, these have you covered.

3. Fly Indirect

Sometimes time is less important than money. If that's the case it can you may want to consider an indirect flight. This doesn't always work out cheaper but it's worth a look. And who says you can't do some sight-seeing on the way? It's all about the journey after all!

4. Picnics On A Plane

You could buy overpriced and oddly sized food on the plane. Or, you could save yourself a few quid and come prepared.

There are no rules against taking food onto the plane, and you won't exactly be missing out on much considering the reputation of airborne cuisine.

5. Wear Your Stuff

With many airlines charging exorbitant amounts for the pleasure of hand luggage, why not simply wear it instead?

Do you really need a whole bag of stuff for your 2 hour flight? Maybe you do, but in some cases you probably don't. Be creative and take what you need on your person rather than paying for the privilege of overhead luggage.

6. Package Holidays

To some travellers the phrase package holiday is tantamount to blasphemy. You may relish the idea of planning every aspect of your trip, and that's fine - but it actually works out cheaper to go with package deals in many cases.

They aren't all your typical family trips to Benidorm either, if you look around you are likely to find a package deal that takes your fancy and comes in under budget.

7. Book Car Hire In Advance

If you know you need to hire a vehicle abroad then it will often pay to book it well in advance, not when you arrive. This has the added benefit of being able to reserve a suitable vehicle with the features you need (such as adequate seating, storage and extras like air con).

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